Tuxedo's Neighborhoods

As shown on the map, the Village of Tuxedo Park and the Town of Tuxedo which surrounds it comprise six residential neighborhoods, separated by hills and forested open space.


Northern Tuxedo

In the northern part of Tuxedo, large lots abut Sterling Forest State Park along the Bramertown Road to Lake Mombasha, just over the Monroe town line.


In Southfields along Route 17, site of the Red Apple Rest, a famous stopping place in the pre-Thruway era, about 45 one- and two-family homes, mostly of pre-World War I vintage, surround the 98 one- and two-bedroom apartments of the Tuxedo Heights condominium complex, which includes a pool and tennis courts. Southfields also contains the historic Southfields Methodist Church and an American Legion Post building.

Laurel Ridge and Clinton Woods

Just to the north of the Hamlet are Laurel Ridge and Clinton Woods, overlooking Indian Kill Reservoir and a mile from the Sterling Forest Ski Center. Laurel Ridge consists of 143 homes on half-acre lots, mostly built in the 1960s and 1970s. Of the same vintage are the 30 Clinton Woods homes on lots of one or more acres.

The Hamlet

The Hamlet, where the Bruce Price-designed train station in now Police Headquarters and the former Masonic Temple has been recycled as the Town Hall, includes an IGA Grocery, Post Office, Library, Historical Society building, as well as St. Mary's Episcopal Church. The refurbished George F. Baker High School and George Grant Mason Elementary School are also located here. Approximately 250 housing units, many from the turn of the century and designed by Bruce Price, cling to the side of hills and banks of the Ramapo River, with views towards the Bear Mountain Park. Residents of the Hamlet may join the Wee Wah Beach Club and Fishing Club in Tuxedo Park for summer recreation.

Eagle Valley

In the extreme southern part of Town, known as Eagle Valley, the Tuxedo Club Golf Course is surrounded by 47 1970s homes on one-acre lots in Maple Brook, about 65 remodeled homes from earlier in the century, and about 35 new homes on one- to three-acre lots looking westward over the golf course and surrounding hills. Still under construction are 65 townhomes in the Woodlands which is comprised of 170 townhouses and 29 single family homes.

Village of Tuxedo Park

Within the gated community of Tuxedo Park there are about 350 homes--mostly single-family houses with about 20 apartment units. Built on the hills surrounding the three lakes, the older houses were all sited to take maximum advantage of the views. Almost all architectural styles are represented: from the original (and replicated) Victorian shingle-style cottages to massive French chateaux built in the 1920s; from a splendid example of the international style built in 1937 to a Spanish style hilltop mansion designed by Walker and Gillette. Happily, not all of the homes in Tuxedo Park are oversized; in fact, many are refurbished carriage houses and stables, and about one quarter of the homes were built after World War II.

The security afforded by the twenty-four-hour guarded gates and the Village Police force is perhaps its most prized amenity, followed closely by its natural beauty.

Village recreational facilities include a swimming and playground facility on Wee Wah Lake and fishing in that lake and Tuxedo Lake. The private Tuxedo Club provides its members with a Robert Trent Jones-designed golf course, five racquet sports, including the ancient game of court tennis, swimming and sailing, as well as dining and party facilities.

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